“Nah, you can still see your face.”

(Image from flixster)
(Image from flixster)

Frenchy: Hey, Marty, are those new glasses?

Marty: Oh yeah, I just got them for school. Don’t you think they make me look smarter?

Rizzo: Nah, you can still see your face.

Grease (1978)

Dad shaved off his beard this morning – he’s had it for a couple of months and I’ve been campaigning against it on the grounds that it makes him look old. Reactions to the reemergence of his face have been mixed…

The Jam took one look at him and burst into tears while I was pleased to have my Dad back instead of the old bearded man. However, my aunt (Dad’s sister who is in her 80s) takes the prize for the best response.

Dad: (Several hours after shaving off his beard.) So what do you think then?

Aunt: What?

Dad: I’ve shaved off the beard that you said you didn’t like. Didn’t you notice?

Aunt: Oh yes, (pause) I didn’t notice because the beard made you so ugly that I’d stopped looking at your face.

(The WordPress Daily Prompt today involved using a quotation from your favourite movie as the title of the post. Although Grease isn’t my all time favourite, it is in my top ten and I couldn’t resist sharing this little exchange.)


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