Ball Winder

Last Christmas, I was given a ball winder by our FFF. As most of the yarn I buy is already wound into balls, I haven’t had a chance to test it until now, when I decided to use some gorgeous Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend that I accidentally bought on eBay.

It’s brilliant! The ball was neatly wound, without being too tight, in a fraction of the time. It looks pretty too…

Meta-procrastination (or blogging about not blogging)


I’ve finally cleared (or abandoned) the tasks on my Christmas and moving to-do lists; my blog to-do list is longer than ever. As the semi-colon implies, there is almost certainly a connection between the two statements. Mentally I have half-formed posts about moving house, the latest books I’ve read, Christmas presents and a spa day with DH. I even have photos and clever title puns for some of them. I don’t seem to be getting very far with any of them so this post is a ‘lite’ alternative to a New Year’s Resolution. Now I’ve mentioned the topics, I’ll have to write the posts – hopefully. Watch this space…

Reindeer food

If you want to make sure Father Christmas and his reindeer visit tonight, here’s a very important recipe.

20121224-150236.jpgIngredients (for 4 portions)

  • 2 scoops of porridge oats
  • 4 different coloured tubes of glitter
  • 4 containers
  • sellotape
  • foil
  • bows or stars (the sort you stick on presents)


  • Pour the porridge oats into a large mixing bowl and stir well with a wooden spoon. Carefully add the tubes of glitter, stirring after each colour. Say “Merry Christmas” loudly while stirring. Make sure everybody in the house has a turn at stirring and saying the words.
  • Scoop the mixture onto four containers. Seal with silver foil and sellotape, then top with a star/bow.
  • Just before you go to bed, shake the reindeer food onto the lawn (or wherever you want the reindeer to land). Don’t forget to leave a carrot for Rudolph and  a mince pie and glass of sherry for Father Christmas too!


Merry Christmas everybody xxx

Christmas baking

mince piesHello world! I haven’t blogged for a while as we’ve been busy moving house – haven’t managed to send any Christmas cards either so I’m neglecting real friends as well as virtual ones. Apologies to all. In my defence, the move was exceptionally stressful as DH was in Hong Kong for work on the day, then delayed for 26 hours on the way home. I will post about it in full at some point, but I can’t quite bring myself to relive it yet…

xmascakeWe’ve now taken up residence at Dad’s for Christmas and I’m starting to feel more festive. I’ve wrapped presents while drinking some lovely Christmas tea, and spent most of the afternoon baking. The mince pies are based on Nigella’s recipe, but with bought pastry – I can’t do decent pastry – and the Jam made all the stars, with a little help from DH.

Over the last couple of years it has become a tradition that MiL makes an extra Christmas cake and I decorate it. Her fruit cake is lovely and I like doing the pretty bits so it’s a great arrangement. Last year I did classy white on white, but this year I decided the Jam would appreciate a splash of colour.