Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and commenting (here and via Facebook) on the Jam’s progress.  We’re very grateful for your kind words and thoughts. He’s been at home for a week now and is doing well – sleeping a bit more than usual and eating a bit less but that’s to be expected. He still refuses to look at his tummy, but he seems to think getting dressed with his eyes closed is very funny so that’s okay.

He recovered so quickly that I didn’t have as much time as I expected for bedside reading and knitting – not that I’m complaining – but I have managed to finish two books from my book destash list and another pair of gloves so expect posts and pics soon. For now, here are a few pictures of my brave boy:

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To HDU and beyond!


Recovery is going well – I would say slow and steady but it seems we’re actually ‘quicker than average’ and steady, which is even better. We left PICU on Sunday and have been in the HDU bay of the cardiac ward since then. The Jam is no longer constantly monitored and instead has his temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation checked every four hours – he’s been hovering in the high 80s but we’ve seen 92% and even a little higher fairly frequently.
He’s been incredibly brave. He still has two drains in his chest to remove the fluid from his lungs, which is common after this operation, but he’s been up and about, carrying the drains around in a little shopping trolley. He’s also demonstrated a return to his usual strong-willed self by refusing to take his medications without bribery, begging and a number of other tricks! The wound itself is looking good and although dressing changes have been rather traumatic, he seems to forgot about them once they’re done much faster than me!


Just a quick post to update those of you following the Jam’s progress. The procedure went well yesterday. It was more complex than usual because his heart is turned over towards the right side of his chest, and the arteries etc that they were working on are underneath it so they had to lift his heart out of the way while he was on bypass. However, the team was expecting this and it all went to plan. He came off the ventilator after a few hours but it’s taken a little longer to stabilise his temperature and blood pressure. It’s all looking good now and they’re hoping to remove one chest drain and some of the lines this afternoon. We’re expecting one more night in PICU then up to the ward tomorrow!