Big Boy Bed

Nearly 12 months after we moved in – and 11 months after Dad bought his big boy bed – the Jam is finally asleep in his own room! We didn’t want to put down the new carpet until we’d decorated and we didn’t want to decorate until the rewiring (of the whole house) was finished. My wonderful FiL happens to be an electrician, so he did the rewiring for us, ably assisted his old apprentice and his son as well as DH. The Jam and I moved out for the week!

Once we’d put the house back together, Dad and DH painted whenever they could – I even did a little bit – and John Lewis fitted the lovely soft grey carpet. The carpet is meant to be the road, the green skirting board is grass and the blue walls are the sky. Then DH built the fire engine bed and I hung some starry curtains. The Jam stuck the snowflakes onto the window himself. We still have to add some decorative touches, including wall stickers and his moon light, but he’s finally in!

Thank you everyone!