Little Hearts

woolhearts2Despite the title, this is not a post about congenital heart defects in general or the Jam’s heart in particular. It’s a post about knitting. (However, there is an excellent charity called Little Hearts Matter, which supports families of children with conditions like the Jam’s – feel free to support them!)

knittedheartsAs I haven’t knitted anything for over a year, I decided to start with something small that I could definitely finish. In her spare time, SiL makes and sells some lovely creations at craft fairs, and one of her planned projects involves knitted hearts, but she doesn’t knit. I found this simple pattern for heart-shaped coasters but used finer wool (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino) and smaller needles (3.25mm). They’re very easy so I can chat while making them. I’d forgotten how soothing simple knitting can be and so far I’ve just used oddments from past projects so it’s a lot cheaper than the spa…

4 thoughts on “Little Hearts

    1. I haven’t attempted crochet, probably because my mum taught me to knit and she didn’t do it. I keep looking at the stuff you can make and being tempted to give it a try though.

      1. Aw, its so good! I might be biased though because I’m a rubbish knitter. I haven’t knitted anything that isn’t a rectangle. I love your wee hearts. Braw!

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