Who’s who?

The Jam – the hero of this story.

Me – the author.  I’m a 33 year-old English graduate and secondary school teacher, currently embracing what the Head at my last school described as “full-time motherhood” – what’s part-time motherhood? – and working out what else I’m doing with my life.

DH – my Darling, occasionally Difficult, Devoted, Drunk or Delightful, Husband. Unfortunately has to travel a lot more for work than any of us would like, but he does bring good presents…

Dad – my father. A retired teacher who spends a lot of his time keeping the Jam company and me sane while DH is away. Enjoys fine wine, increasingly exotic holidays and good friends.

Mum – my mother, who died while I was pregnant with the Jam, but is still an important part of my life and someone I want him to know.

MiL & FiL – my Mother-in-Law & Father-in-Law.  I’m blessed with non-stereotypical in-laws who I think of as friends as well as family.  Both still working (and looking forward to a retirement like my dad’s) but they manage to be a great help and great fun.

BLB – my Big Little Brother (a foot taller and two years younger than me).  Currently lives in Australia, so the Jam knows him as the funny bloke with the beard on Skype.

SiL – my Sister-in-Law. Primary teacher and eBay queen who is the Jam’s favourite playmate.

FFF – our favourite family friend. A great support for all of us and the source of some great suggestions for dealing with the Jam’s stubborn streak.

What do you think?

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