Every cloud…

I have an ear infection, a nasty one. I’m prone to them when I’ve had a cold but this is worse than usual. The doctor took one look, exclaimed in disgust* and prescribed oral antibiotics as well as the ear drops I usually get. I knew it was bad as sInce yesterday I’ve been pretty much deaf in my right ear, which is more disorientating that you might expect. On the plus side, when I lie on my left ear, I can’t hear the Jam – still wide awake – humming ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’.

* She also may have muttered something about vast quantities of pus but – happily – I couldn’t hear very well as I have a nasty ear infection, so I’m not thinking about that…

Fireworks and negotiations with a two year old

Last night the Jam couldn’t sleep, which isn’t surprising as it was the Saturday before Bonfire Night. Initially he was a little scared but watching through the window with me and DH, he soon cheered up and started to demand “more pretty”. Luckily, SE London was happy to oblige…

Anticipating similar events this evening (and another late bedtime) I’ve just had the following conversation:


Me: Nap time Jamie.

The Jam: No nap.

Me: Do you want to stay up late to watch more fireworks tonight?

TJ: Me like fireworks.

Me: Five minutes now then, so you won’t be too tired.

TJ: Okay…in Grandad’s bed. No Jamie bed.

He then lay down with me on the spare bed and went straight to sleep. (After about 40 minutes he stirred and is currently asleep on DH in front of the Grand Prix.)

I think this is a good outcome. He won’t be grumpy this afternoon and he’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks with us. DH can watch the Grand Prix and I have a little time to write this, wash up etc. It’s a smart compromise…so why do I feel like I’ve been outmanoeuvred by a two year old?

Four days without a nap

I think that on the whole the new regime is a success. The Jam has been going to bed a little earlier and sleeping a little later in the morning, which is much better for us and also means he’s wide awake and cheerful in the mornings. I think he’s actually getting slightly more sleep overall, which is better for him. He is a very tired little man by bedtime, but I think that’s better (for everyone) than a huge battle in the middle of the day when he doesn’t want to take a nap. We had another difficult wake up last night but I’m hoping that will pass. (We cheated a bit as Dad’s here and the Jam loves ‘being roomies’ with his Grandad. It doesn’t seem to count as giving in if it’s not me or DH – Jam already knows that Dad is a big softie!)

Draw after extra time

As I feared Day 2 of Project NFMM did go to extra time. (If that sentence means nothing to you, have a look at this post.) This time the Jam woke up at around 22.30 and after a drink, a nappy change and an extra story still refused to go back to sleep. He stood in the cot shouting “Mummy cuddle..little one!”, which left me wondering if I should laugh or cry. We stood firm and used the stern voice again. He lay down and was quiet for a few minutes before trying again, but quickly decided that DH and I were a lost cause and went to sleep instead. I’m calling that a draw…

Dropping the nap

As I mentioned in a post about muffins, the Jam has not been keen on his daytime nap recently (despite Grandad promising that he’d only be asleep for five minutes). He’s been going down later, waking later and then being a monster at bedtime, so a couple of days ago I decided to see if he could get through the whole day without a sleep.

Day One

Woke late (as he’d gone to bed late) making this a good day to attempt Project NFMM  aka “no five minutes Mummy”. Keeping him awake in the afternoon wasn’t too hard as we baked and played fire engines. I was worried that he’d be too sleepy to eat his dinner, but he did really well. Early bath, aspirin (for his heart), milk and stories – he fell asleep during Peepo and was in the cot by 18.30.

HT score: 1-0

He woke up at 23.30, just after I’d turned off my bedside light. Usually at this time it’s fairly easy to resettle him, but it took us (DH helped and saved my sanity) an hour to get him back in the cot. We had to resort to the stern voice we used when we first started leaving him to fall asleep by himself and ignore the protests, which didn’t last more than a few minutes in the end.

FT score: 2-1

Day Two

The Jam woke at a very civilised 7.15 this morning and was in a good mood for music group. After lunch he was a little grumpy and looked really tired so I took him upstairs – one option was naps on alternate days – but was told “No sleep. Mummy sit. Watch Grandpa [in my] Pocket with Jamie.” I did as instructed, much to his delight as he announced “Jamie winner!”

HT score: 2-2

He fell asleep in his highchair. This has NEVER happened before. He even still had a little piece of banana muffin (we’re trying to eat them before they go soggy) clutched in his hand. At this point I thought I was winning, but he cried when I lifted him out and cried even more when I tried to put him to bed. After our usual bedtime routine he usually goes down quite happily and at least tries to go to sleep, but not tonight. It took three extra verses of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and the stern voice to get him to lie down and then he fell asleep in seconds.

FT score 3-3

I’m now enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine (Villa Maria Riesling – one of my favourites) with DH and hoping we don’t go to extra time…

Breakfast envy & sleep

Banana muffin and blueberries

The Jam’s breakfast looks so much more appetising than my toast… (Though the homemade bread – 50/50 wholemeal and white – does balance it out a bit.)

He did sleep from 18.30 last night to 07.15 this morning, which is the best night ever (even with a 45 minute battle to get him back into the cot at 23.30), so I think he deserves a good breakfast! Hopefully dropping the daytime nap yesterday was the start of a new phase, in which we sleep…