The important bit….

I know that there are a few of you reading this blog who are not related to me, not fascinated by knitting and not here for my erudite rambling about cake and books. I think that you’re following the Jam’s progress and I suspect one or two of you have children with similar heart conditions. I hope that the year long gap in posts wasn’t alarming for you – it really was a case of ‘no news is good news’!

At the Jam’s first post-op check up the report was good and we’ve been making the most of all new possibilities.  The only side-effect is that I’ve been so busy living a so-called  normal life (as instructed by Dr M.) that I haven’t had time to blog about it. As with most things, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to start again so rather than a huge post trying to cover the whole year, I thought I’d share a few moments and milestones, some of which we never dared hope to achieve.

Showing off his work

1. The Jam started (Nursery) school. Okay, we did expect him to go to school, but we did without a complicated care plan and with him doing the same hours and activities as everyone else. We were very lucky as there is another boy at the school with CHD who is also under the care of the Evelina, so everyone took the Jam’s condition in their stride. As well as a making some great friends and is loving learning new things, from reading to music. He’s just finished the year and is very excited about moving up to Reception next year.

2. We felt secure enough to leave him with a non-family babysitter. It might seem silly, but being able to go out for dinner without having to rely on the kindness of family feels very liberating. DH and I finally get some time together.

Sports' Day
Sports’ Day

3. He joined in with swimming lessons, Sports’ Day and even a sponsored skip for the British Heart Foundation. I was a little bit tearful at all three, especially when he won the egg and spoon race. (Apparently it wasn’t competitive and they were racing against their own PBs, but he crossed the line first, which is good enough for me.) Having two CHD children in the school obviously pulled  a few heart strings (pun intended) because they raised more money for the BHF than in any charity events they’ve held previously.

4. I have a proper job again. With the Jam safe and happy at school, it felt like the right time for me to go back to work. I managed to pick up some supply teaching in the senior part of his school, which evolved in to a permanent job, starting in September.

5. We flew long-haul! All the way to San Francisco – and we’re still here – more posts about that later.

2 thoughts on “The important bit….

  1. What a lovely post – I’ve been wondering how Jam has been getting on now he is Post-Fontan. It’s so lovely to hear of his achievements and the adventures he (and you all!) are having. Best wishes from one heart family to another xx

    1. Thank you – I know we are always encouraged by reading how well many older children are doing, so it’s nice to be able to do the same for those a few steps behind us on the this journey.
      Hope all is well with you too. I think the last post I read from you Erin was happy and healthy and gaining weight etc. Kx

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