Normal Life

Last week we nervously headed back to the Evelina Children’s Hospital for the Jam’s first post-Fontan cardiac check-up. Although he seems well to us – more energy, better colour – it’s still frightening to contemplate what they might find under the surface (literally).

As it turns out, he’s doing better than we ever dared hope. His oxygen saturations are 93%, which is 10% higher than before the operation (and much closer to a ‘normal’ person’s 99%). His cardiologist (Dr M.) was pleased with what he saw on the echocardiogram too. He described the Jam’s result as “a good Fontan”, which basically means he has a good pump (his single ventricle), unobstructed pulmonary arteries and little or no leakage from the valves. He can fly long-haul; he can learn to swim; he can run around without getting breathless (as he’s repeatedly demonstrated over the last few weeks). When I asked about the future Dr M. reminded us that some of the earliest recipients of this procedure are now in their thirties and used the phrase “normal life”, which is not something we’ve ever heard before in relation to the Jam’s CHD.

normalAfter everything we’ve been through over the last four years, I’m not sure I can remember how to live a normal life. I guess now is the time to start figuring it out…

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7 thoughts on “Normal Life

    1. Thank you – I can’t quite believe it myself! Obviously they’ll always need to monitor him, but it’s a better outlook than we ever expected. It’s also so lovely that people who don’t know us are pleased for him. Comments like yours are really heartwarming. Kx

  1. That is lovely news Kirsten, Ive been following progress via your Dad and Sharon. Really looking forward to meeting you in June when I come over and hopefully you will have begun to have a normal life again… it sounds like Jamie will find it easy !! I will try and bring him an All Black jersey – kid size !!

    1. Thanks Mel, looking forward to finally meeting you too! Not sure that Uncle Gareth will approve of the NZ jersey though…

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