Cold hands?

It seems that everyone I know must have cold hands, which would explain the number of requests I’ve had to knit gloves / mittens / armwarmers recently. I’m always happy to knit somebody else is paying for the yarn (and new needles) and the first two pairs kept my fingers occupied while I was sitting by the Jam’s bed in the hospital.

blackmagic.jpg1. Black Magic Gauntlets for our FFF. She asked for these to keep her hands and arms warm under a coat with ¾ length sleeves. The (terrible, taken at the hospital) photo doesn’t show it because of the colour, but they are the same pattern as my Raspberry Gauntlets. (Click here for the Ravelry pattern page.)

silvercupcake.jpg2. Silver Cupcake Mitts. Made these for a friend of SiL’s. It’s a lovely little pattern and when she wore them I immediately got a request for a second pair for her friend’s daughter. (Ravelry page.)

armwarmer.jpg3. Spring Green Armwarmers for SiL. These are my WiP at the moment. I’ve finished one and am about to cast on the second. They’re part of her Christmas present and she found the pattern (which was actually called Snow on the Laurel) on Pinterest, but luckily it was linked to a Ravelry page.

4. Purple Cable Mittens #2 for another friend of SiL’s. I’ve already made one pair of these but the pattern is good TV knitting and I need to keep practising the thumbs! (Ravelry page.)

Once I’ve finished these I plan to move on to feet – baby booties and socks!


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