Birthday Boy (Belated)

For the Jam’s birthday, DH and I took him sight-seeing in London, focussing on the attractions that would appeal most to a 3 year-old boy. We started with the long-promised London Eye, which he really enjoyed for the first 10 minutes:

As we descended he looked decidedly bored, but then so did our fellow passengers – every single one of them sat on the central bench for the last few minutes – and they don’t have the excuse of a 3 year-old’s short attention span! It was a typical October day so the visibility wasn’t brilliant but at least the Jam could tell the tourists the difference between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.  On disembarking, we decided to meander towards the West End, snapping a few more sights along the way:

After that we generously (stupidly?) asked him what he wanted for lunch. He requested ice-cream…just ice-cream…in October. Undaunted, we decided that it was his birthday and if he was only going to eat ice-cream, it should be good ice-cream, so we headed to The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason’s:

Now that's what I call an ice-cream!
Now that’s what I call an ice-cream!

Our last stop was Hamley’s. I didn’t manage to get any photos because the Jam was never still long enough – in this case the lack of picture is worth a thousand words! We started on the top floor and made our way down, testing out various toys along the way. We’d told the Jam he could choose something for his birthday present and in the end he picked out a ridiculously overpriced (but entirely worth it just for the smile of pure delight) Thomas the Tank Engine mineshaft track that will compliment  his vast Brio collection.

The end of a good day
The end of a good day

(For more of our adventures, click on ‘The London List’ at the top of the page.)

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