Damaged and Delayed

Not supposed to look like that!
Not supposed to look like that!

Yesterday I sprained my ankle, pretty badly judging by the cracking noise and pain. We’re hoping it’s just sprained as I haven’t been able face the epic A&E wait for an x-ray to confirm something I already know – I think I have enough hospital time on my agenda this month. It’s strapped and elevated and I’m icing it regularly. The swelling seems to have subsided a little this morning and I can put weight on it, though I’ve been banned from doing so by my bossy nurse (Dad). Who knew you could buy crutches online from Argos…. Before everyone starts ordering me to seek medical advice, I promise I will if it’s not significantly better in 48 hours.

Today I got the phone call I’ve been dreading / secretly hoping for – the Jam’s operation has been postponed by a week. I can’t be angry. He is well and his surgery isn’t urgent so we’re better off than whoever has taken his slot. The rescheduling is hard for DH, MiL and FiL, who all had to book time off work, but at least I might be able to walk and play with him again before I have to hand him over.


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