Yesterday we told the Jam about his upcoming operation. I’ve been dreading telling him almost as much as I’m dreading the surgery itself and the long hospital stay afterwards. DH and I have been discussing it for a long time and we agreed to tell him just enough about what will happen to prepare him but then focus on the positive outcomes. He doesn’t need to be worried or scared; that’s our job.

hospbooksI found a little book called Going to the Hospital in our local library. It’s the story of a little boy who has an ear operation and it describes what happens before and after the procedure clearly without being too frightening (though the Jam, predictably, did not want to look at the picture of the boy having an injection). We read it together and then explained that he would be having an operation too, but on his heart instead of on his ear. We told him that he might feel strange or poorly afterwards but we would be with him and that when he came home he’d have more breath and be able to play for longer in the park. He didn’t actually seem very interested but he has a talent for appearing to be oblivious and then repeating phrases verbatim weeks later. He’s already asked about getting presents for being brave, like the boy in the book!

The other book in the picture is produced by the CHF to help prepare children with CHD for surgery but it’s actually not very applicable to us, as it focuses on a little girl (Violet) who regularly turns blue and has to be hospitalised before her operation. Although this would be ‘normal’ for a child with the Jam’s condition, it’s never happened and he would be more likely to identify with the heart-healthy sister (Rosie) in the story!

Doc-McStuffins-Logo-Wallpaper1This week we gave him a Doc McStuffins game for his LeapPad Ultra (which was his Christmas present). He’s been enjoying playing doctor and making the toys better, both virtually and in his bedroom with his stuffed animals. Hopefully the LeapPad will also help pass the time in hospital while he’s recovering.

I’m sure we’ll have more question over the next couple of days, but I think he’s as prepared as he can be. If only I felt ready…

3 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Awesome post: my Nolan is only 1 so he’s only had the Norwood and Glenn but one thought that always races through my head is how to prepare him for the Fontan when he’s older. I will be sure to hang onto this post. I hope Jam’s surgery went GREAT!

    1. Thank you Chris. Unfortunately the Jam’s surgery was postponed – our surgeon had to operate on a more urgent newborn – so it’s now happening this Friday. All the best to you, Nolan and the rest of your family.

      1. Don’t you just love those postponements? It’s enough to make you crazy. Best of luck and prayers your way!

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