Cherry Chocolate Crispy Cakes

green_black_cherry_dark_chocolate_100g_1000_6This is cheating really, but too good not to mention in my chocolate CakeQuest. The night before the Jam’s birthday party I decided that there wasn’t enough cake for all the guests so I raided the cupboards and came up with nearly all the ingredients for cornflake crispies: butter, golden syrup, cornflakes rice crispies and milk chocolate Green & Black’s dark chocolate with cherries. Somehow the posh chocolate transformed them from a sickly sweet treat for the kids to a bittersweet fruity bite for grown-up chocoholics. I didn’t even get a photo…

Ease: 10/10 (no cook baking!)

Appearance: 5/10 (they look like rice crispies covered in chocolate)

Taste: 9/10 (nothing fancy, but very moreish!)

Overall: 8/10

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