I’ve finished a few knitting projects recently but haven’t got around to taking decent photos. However, I couldn’t not have a knitting post during National Wool Week so here are a couple of snaps of the winter hats I made for myself and the Jam.:

Best cure for dark circles? Photoshop....
Best cure for dark circles? Photoshop….

My hat – knitted in Rowan’s Thick ‘n’ Thin merino wool, which is great fun to use due to the unusual texture and beautiful jewel hues, some almost solid colours and some lovely combinations – I fancy trying a scarf in the purple/green basalt next. I rarely use chunky yarns, but it was very satisfying to finish something in just a few hours. The pattern is from the accompanying book, but it’s just a basic ribbed hat, knitted flat then seamed.

IMG_1891The Jam’s hat – a variation on the crown hat I knitted for him a few months ago. That was a little small, so I used slightly bigger needles and knitted an extra 1.5cm before decreasing. (I also remembered to strand the yarn really loosely this time!) Instead of the crown pattern, I made my own chart with his name and a little heart. This took rather longer than mine, but I’m proud of the results.


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