Wooly Wednesday: I Knit London

I knit London

Woo-hoo! I’ve finally found a fabulous knitting shop that isn’t on the other side of the world (or online, or closed, or requires a complex journey involving multiple train/tube/bus changes). It’s called I Knit London and it’s tucked away just behind Waterloo Station*. The Jam and I went on a recognisance mission today and liked what we discovered:

1) A lovely saleswoman who chatted to the Jam and didn’t seem at all fazed by his close examination of her stock. She even said he was adorable and let him buy a chocolate bar with buttons (and wouldn’t take any money for it from me).


2) Rainbow shelves packed with yarn that you can’t buy on the high street. I bought three skeins that I don’t need, but they were beautiful! One is a bright blue merino/silk blend (called Rubber Soul) from their own brand (I Knit or Dye) and the other two are Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, which I’ve been eyeing up online but not had a chance to fondle until today. Now I need more patterns…

* That’s one train ride from home and ten minutes walk from the Evelina, so it will no doubt be my sanctuary when we’re living there after the Jam’s next operation.

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2 thoughts on “Wooly Wednesday: I Knit London

  1. I LOVE finding new and exciting (and close to home) LYSs. Unfortunately they are a bit few and far between, particularly here in New Zealand but I think it is the same around the world.

    1. It’s certainly like that here and surprisingly bad in London. It seems like smaller cities / big towns are better than the big smoke!

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