Wooly Wednesday: Best Book EVER!

A couple of weeks ago I was eagerly awaiting the 2013 Man Booker Prize longlist. Usually it pushes me towards a couple of books that I was considering reading anyway and uncovers a few intriguing possibilities that I hadn’t heard of before. I was hoping for some inspiration as I haven’t been reading much lately, but nothing on the list grabbed my attention; it all seemed more worthy than wonderful. Perhaps my lack of interest is more indicative of my current non-literary frame of mind than the quality of the list and I’ll reconsider when the shortlist is announced.

Until then, I’ll content myself with this:

A book about knitting about books!
A book about knitting about books!

IMG_1684My first project is a hat for the Jam – the ‘Edmund Crown’ (inspired by the character from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe), which involves using two colours for something other than stripes and knitting in the round using both a circular needle and DPNs. This is all new to me so I have no idea how it will turn out. The stranded colourwork – does it count as Fairisle? – looks okay, though I think I should have left a little more slack at the back.

After that I’m torn between the delicate ‘Emma [Bovary, from Madame Bovary] Shawl’ and the more autumnal ‘Jane Eyre Shawl’. I’m also tempted by the ‘Daisy [Buchanan, from The Great Gatsby] Cloche’ on the front cover. I love this book…

(Everyone who reads and/or knits should own this so here are  the website, Amazon UK, Amazon US and Ravelry links.)

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