London List

One of the less obvious rubbish things about CHD (or any serious medical condition) is that it makes you realise the importance of living life to the full but simultaneously prevents you from doing so. The Jam’s long-term prognosis is rather gloomy, and though we are confident that by the time we get there, medical science will have developed in ways we can’t yet imagine, we’re still keen to make the most of now. We want to show him all the amazing things in the world, but he can’t fly – at least, not until after the next big operation – so many places are out of reach.

However, I’ve recently realised that complaining that we can’t see the world is just self-pity if we don’t make the most of what’s on our doorstep. There are so many brilliant things to do in (and around) London, some famous (and expensive) and some hidden gems too. Recently we had a sight-seeing trip with Dad, and a few months ago the Jam was delighted by a simple walk down the South Bank and the chance to sing ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ while jumping up and down on London Bridge. Last summer we went to the Science Museum with SiL and we’ve built sandcastles on the beach in various locations. We’ve visited the Sea Life Aquarium and watched ‘In the Night Garden Live’ at the Millennium Dome O2 Arena.

Earlier this week had a great day at London Zoo with DH, though I only managed a few photos:

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I already have a few more places in mind for future days out:

  1. The London Eye – Dad (who’s terrified of heights) has repeatedly promised to take the Jam on it!
  2. The Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs.
  3. A boat ride on the Thames, maybe the Duck Tour.
  4. Hamleys – technically free, but obviously won’t be!
  5. The Cutty Sark – we’ve seen the outside but not done the tour yet.

What do you think? There’s so much more to do and I’d love to hear your suggestions.


3 thoughts on “London List

  1. Kew Gardens, Eden Project (not London though!), Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Cirque du Soleil (used to be January time at Royal Albert Hall) …. Endless cultural possibilities x

    1. Can’t believe I forgot the Tower! We visited the Eden Project last summer – amazing place – and DH and I have seen Cirque du Soleil at the Albert Hall but I never thought about taking the Jam. I think he’d love it. Thanks for the suggestions. Kx

      1. No worries. I’d been told Erin couldn’t fly, but now although its not a ‘yes’, they’ve kind of hinted as long as it is not long haul… so time will tell, and like you are we fully intend to explore all the fab things the UK has to offer x

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