The Grass is Greener … ?

This is Dad’s post about what we got up to yesterday – other than admitting that I snuck off to Relax for a wax and massage while they were soaking up culture at the National Gallery – I don’t have anything to add.

Merles' World

I’ve visited some amazing places over the past 12 months, Northern Italy, India, Australia and most recently Canada.  Beautiful scenery, exciting cities and some friendly people.  Yesterday Kirstin, Jamie and I spent the day in London.  We watched some very good street theatre in Covent Garden (why are people so mean when it comes to making a contribution for some excellent entertainment?), took touristy pictures in Trafalgar Square (see below), visted the National Gallery (where Grandad tried to describe some of Monet’s paintings to Grandson!) and had an excellent lunch at Jamie’s Italian (Jamie’s favourite eatery!).  It’s so easy to forget that we have own ‘must see’ venues and unlike our colonial cousins, the history to go with them!

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One thought on “The Grass is Greener … ?

  1. […] to do in (and around) London, some famous (and expensive) and some hidden gems too. Recently we had a sight-seeing trip with Dad, and a few months ago the Jam was delighted by a simple walk down the South Bank and the chance to […]

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