White Post Farm

The Jam and I haven’t been able to get out very much this week as it’s been too hot (or rather, too sunny) for him to be outside for more than half an hour after about 11am. Other than a couple of early morning trips to the park, which we’ve had to ourselves, we’ve been ‘trapped’ at Dad’s house. Today we’d planned a trip to a local farm with MiL and FiL and luckily it was cloudy, though still warm, so we stayed for almost four hours. White Post Farm is fantastic for young children – so much to see and do – as you can see from the photos:

4 thoughts on “White Post Farm

    1. Just found this comment (in the spam filter for some reason!) Thanks for taking the time to look when you have so much going on yourselves. Cooler weather would be certainly make life a lot easier for all of us. Kx

        1. I’d love to knit for Erin – I have another baby blanket pattern and some fantastic hot pink wool….

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