Wooly Wednesday: Silk Crush

20130717-144911.jpgJust thought I’d share a picture of the beautiful yarn Dad brought for me from Canada. It’s almost impossible to get (and very expensive) in the UK because it’s made by a small company in Vancouver (called SweetGeorgia) and most colours are dyed to order.

I gave Dad a list of colours that I liked and directions to the flagship store but didn’t really expect him to be able to get hold of it as he was staying on the other side of the city, at least a 30 minute taxi ride away. Ever resourceful, he spoke to the concierge, who telephoned the store. I think he actually spoke to the owner / proprietor who managed to find two skeins of the second colour on my list and offered to drive it over to him that evening. Amazing customer service and she didn’t charge him anything for delivery!

The yarn is a beautiful blend of silk and merino in Raspberry and I have enough to make myself a shawl – probably either this one or this one. If you can get your hands on some, I’d definitely recommend it!


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