Cake Quest

Like most people, I have favourite recipes that I use again and again. There are millions of variations for simple things such as cupcakes and cookies, some brilliant and some disappointing, so it’s good to have a few that have been tried and tested (and tasted and treasured). Here’s my essential selection:

  1. Carrot Cake – one of the first recipes I tried from Cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery (it’s actually a recipe for carrot cupcakes, but that’s even better because you can ice them as you need them which avoids the ‘fridge to keep the icing fresh or tin to keep the cake fresh’ dilemma).
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Lorraine Pascale (either the white choc chip ones in Home Cooking Made Easy or the double chocolate version in Baking Made Easy).
  3. Fruitcake – Mary Berry’s marmalade traybake in her Baking Bible.
  4. Vanilla Cupcakes – after much testing, this one goes to The Hummingbird Bakery (the one in Cake Days is the best).
  5. Victoria Sponge – Nigella (the one in How To Be A Domestic Goddess, which has a fantastic lemon and mascarpone variation).
Mine probably won't look like this. (Image from Wikipedia.)
Mine probably won’t look like this. (Image from Wikipedia.)

Shockingly, while writing this I realised that I don’t have a ‘go to’ recipe for chocolate cake (probably because I’m the only one in the family who really likes it). This must be rectified asap…but how can I can I choose just one favourite chocolate cake? It clearly needs its own top 5! Let the search begin….


One thought on “Cake Quest

  1. Mmmm… cake. Nothing more soothing for the soul than having a bake with the radio on, and then an obligatory cuppa and a slice! Thank you for sharing your favourite recipes x

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