My Alter-Egos

Another great prompt from Rarasaur got me thinking about all the different roles I play in life, both for others and for myself. One of my biggest challenges since the Jam was born has been learning to balance them. In any given day I can be any or all of the following, sometimes simultaneously, and they all have sub-categories:

  • Mummy – playmate, chef, waitress, taskmaster, teacher and slave
  • Wife – friend, antagonist, lover, confidant, sounding board, partner-in-crime and cheerleader
  • Daughter – financial burden, friend and advisor
  • Friend – playmate, confidant, advisor, companion and drinking partner
  • Teacher – educator, disciplinarian, confidence booster and (occasionally) surrogate mother

However, these are not so much alter-egos as facets of my personality in different situations. My alter-egos are the ones that fight for dominance of my precious free-time. One tends to take control for a week or two while the others mutter away just under the surface, waiting for a chance to emerge and seize power. Pleasingly, they all have fabulous superhero names (in my head at least!) and can occasionally team up.

The first is Book Girl, who buries herself quietly in a novel, surfacing occasionally to eat, sleep or speak to her family. She has recently acquired a new device (known as Kindle), which amplifies her powers. Having finished a book, she is consumed by the desire to share her thoughts on it and is replaced by…

Blogarella, aka kirkykoo79 who tends to post regularly on this blog until she realises that she’s spent so much time blogging that she hasn’t done anything interesting about which to blog. At this point, anything can happen, but browsing through her Reader, she often come across a food blog which prompts the transformation into…

Wooly Woman's latest creation!
Wooly Woman’s latest creation!

The Queen of Cakes (and other baked goods). Usually found in the kitchen, often with her sidekick (the Jam), her mission is to fatten up her family, friends and passers-by, as well as keeping Lakeland in business. These days she has to share her allocation of time with the recently resurrected…

Wooly Woman! Trained as a child in the basics of the secret art of knitting, she hibernated through the teenage years and into the twenties. Now free, she is increasing her range of skills on a variety of small projects (some top-secret) while working towards her ultimate aim: to finish an adult-sized jumper!


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