Tealight cover

I LOVE the little needles!
I LOVE the little needles!

I’m still knitting little hearts for SiL, using oddments of wool and my new short (13cm) needles that I bought so I could carry them around in my handbag (and because tiny projects look ridiculous on normal needles). I bought two pairs to get a discount on postage so to justify the purchase I had to find another project that would fit them. The tealight holders in The Knitter’s Year by Debbie Bliss caught my eye a while ago, but I usually avoid anything that involves lacework as I get in a knot (sometimes literally) with the yo, yf, yfn, yfrn, yon etc etc. Knitting, purling, shaping and stripes are my usual limits and you can do an awful lot with those basics, but recently MiL bought me a fantastic book to help to me expland my repertoire. It’s called The Knitter’s Bible (by Claire Crompton) and though it’s no substitute for having Mum around to demonstrate (and unpick) the tricky bits, it’s given me the confidence to try things I would have avoided.

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