Working for a Living

The past week has been somewhat unusual (and hectic) because on Thursday and Friday I went back to my old school for the first of seven days of proper paid work (as opposed to the 24/7 unpaid labour known as parenting). DH took some time off to look after the Jam, which was lovely for both of them as he (DH not the Jam) will in Hong Kong for his job next week. Dad joined them on Friday and they took advantage of the improving weather by spending the day in Greenwich Park.

I was nervous but being back in the classroom was great. Most of the pupils I taught were preparing for exams so they appreciated my subject knowledge and a fresh persepective. I had to prepare some new (to me) poems for one group and was pleasantly surprised by the exam board’s selection. It felt good to use that part of my brain again, not to mention having time to think during tea breaks, gossiping with colleagues and the seizing opportunity to wear something nice knowing that it won’t get covered in snot or chocolate or both. (Note the use of polysyndeton in that last sentence – Year 11 would be very impressed.)

Now I’m looking forward to Monday…


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