The Litmus Test: BtVS edition

You watched this scene through your tears...
You watched this scene through your tears…

You know you’re a true Buffy fan when:

  1. You’re a Spike girl, or an Angel girl (or even a Riley girl – the point is you’ve picked a side).
  2. You can’t work out why Buffy didn’t just slay that thing in The Grudge.
  3. You own the Tru Calling and Dollhouse box sets, just because Faith is in them.
  4. You use Angel to exemplify the Byronic hero. (Bonus points if you sulk when a student suggests that Batman is a better example.)
  5. You then set an essay on feminist rewritings of mythology, comparing Joss Whedon to Angela Carter.
  6. You know the words to all the songs in ‘Once More With Feeling’, even the parking ticket one.
  7. You’re still scared of the Gentlemen.
  8. You need to know the plural of apocolypse.
  9. You laugh at sparkly vampires and their submissive girlfriends.
  10. You almost wish Shakespeare had written “We band of buggered” in the St Crispin’s Day speech.

However, the real litmus test is whether or not you’re “bored now…”

No doubt this has been done before, but it’s my list and as it fits both the Daily Prompt from WordPress and Rarasaur’s prompt for this week, I couldn’t resist.

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8 thoughts on “The Litmus Test: BtVS edition

  1. The best line from the parking ticket song being “Hey, I’m not wearing underwear….”

    Also, if you’re a Riley girl, are you even ALLOWED to be a Buffy Fan?

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