Introducing the Sunday Snapshot

Having spent some time exploring other blogs on WordPress (and elsewhere – sorry), I’m amazed by how talented, prolific and organised many bloggers seem to be. Some have a schedule for themselves, not only publishing each day but publishing particular types of posts (e.g. fiction, images) on particular days. Others, like me,  just bumble along randomly. Some blogs have a very specific focus, aim or style – I recently discovered Amanda Law’s Fifty Words a Day, which is well worth following.

A good friend of mine recently started a blog (Butterflies and Balloons) in which she posts a single image each day, with a short title. Simple but effective and each image is important to her. I decided I’d like to emulate her style, but I didn’t want to start a new blog or give up my lengthy rambling and ranting, so I decided to do it weekly rather than daily: the Sunday Snapshot. Starting tomorrow, I intend to post a simply titled image each Sunday that either encapsulates the past week or showcases a significant moment from that week. I hope you like them…


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Sunday Snapshot

    1. You’re welcome – I’m glad you’re pleased. (I wondered after publishing if I should have checked first.) I really enjoy your blog – it’s one of only a few I try to read every day.

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