Baking and Glazing

On Monday, the first ‘big new house job’ commenced. Replacing the old, cold aluminium window frames at the front of the house with uPVC ones and (hopefully) more energy-efficient double-glazing. We decided to go with a smaller, local firm (Acorn Windows) on a friend’s recommendation and we’re very pleased with service and the results. The two gentlemen fitting the windows were fantastic. This house keeps throwing new ‘quirks’ at us, courtesy of the ‘handyman’ previous owner (as one of the window-fitters put it, “it’s the house that Jack built”) but they dealt with all the nasty surprises admirably, working for eleven hours with barely a break to sort out the bay window.

Unfortunately, the fitting dates coincided with my turn to host our newly itinerant book group, which led to a mad scramble to a) sort out where the Jam will be sleeping until we replace his curtains; b) get him bathed and to bed; c) eat fish and chips with DH. Managed two out of three before the doorbell rang…

IMG_1216Fortunately for the lovely window-fitters, book group always results in left-over cake. On this occasion I attempted my first traybake, a Mary Berry marmalade version. Despite being baked in a roasting tin with not quite enough greaseproof paper, it came out beautifully. I’m going to assume that as they’ve already had two slices each (and recommended it to their boss who popped in to see how the job was going), the fitters thought it tasted pretty good too!


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