Simple Question: How big is a 2lb loaf tin?

It should be a really simple question. At least, it should be one that can easily be answered by Google, Jeeves, Yahoo etc etc. Yet for some reason, it’s almost impossible to get a clear answer. Recipes almost always refer to 1lb or 2lb tins, but the tins are sold by dimensions, in centimetres, and there seems to be infinite variations.

Okay, I have a A-level in Maths so I should be able to work this out…

Stage 1 – Stick with metric. 2lb is about 900g, give or take. (In fact, some recipes do specify 900g or 450g tins.)

Stage 2 – Standardise. Measuring the sides of the tins is not very helpful, unless the tins are round or square, so let’s convert to volume. My tin is 21x10x6.5 so that’s 1365 cubic centimetres or, more conveniently, 1365ml.

Stage 3 – Apply prior knowledge. 1ml of water weighs 1g, so 900g would be 900ml, which would fit, if the cake was made of water, which it isn’t….

Apparently, this is NOT a 2lb loaf tin...
Apparently, this is NOT a 2lb loaf tin…

Stage 4 Rephrase the question. Let’s try the Internet again, searching for the ‘volume of a 2lb loaf tin’. Surprising lack of answers, but finally found one: approximately 1500ml. How approximate is that?

Stage 5 – Realise this isn’t going to work, pour it all in, and see what happens.

Stage 6 – Blame Mary Berry, then eat the deformed but delicious cake anyway.

2 thoughts on “Simple Question: How big is a 2lb loaf tin?

    1. Would that not be the same as the volume that I calculated? Problem is 2lb (or 900g) is the weight of the baked loaf and I can’t figure out how that relates to the volume/capacity of the tin. It’s making my head hurt…

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