Daily Prompt – Ignoring the Signs

Here’s my response to the WordPress ‘Comedy of Errors’ daily prompt – again, this is a post I was considering writing anyway but couldn’t decide how to approach it.

This would be a worse housewarming...
This would be a worse housewarming…

We moved in just before Christmas and had mentioned to a few people that we were thinking of having a housewarming party. I thought we’d even told them the date, but perhaps not. Time passed and we agreed to go ahead with it. We told family first…

Sign 1 – Dad booked a holiday to Australia to see BLB. He still claims we hadn’t told him a definite date, but as it was in the middle of the month he planned to be away, it was always going to clash.

The next step was to send out a general email invitation. For a select few it should have been just confirmation of details, but admittedly for the rest it was short notice – just over three weeks. We weren’t too worried; after all, if everyone came, we’d struggle to squeeze them in…

Sign 2 – A flurry of email responses in the first couple of days pointed out that the proposed date was in half term, and politely declining as they’d already booked a holiday / made plans to visit friends / accepted an invitation to a wedding / christening etc.

I should have accepted the inevitable at this stage and decided to have a BBQ in the summer instead, but we got enough ‘yes’, ‘probably’ and ‘maybe’ responses to make it seem worth going ahead. Of course we assumed that a few would drop out, as people do tend to get ill at this time of year…

Sign 3 – Ten days before the party, the Jam woke up covered in little spots – chicken pox!

We worked out that he would no longer be infectious (or too spotty) by the day of the party and decided to go ahead. I suspect a couple of pregnant friends decided at this point that it was better not to risk it – understandable. I began to think about what I should bake…

Sign 4 – Three days before the party, the oven stopped working.

Fruit loaf made in the bread maker
Fruit loaf made in the bread maker

By this time, a few close friends had dropped out (for valid reasons – a rescheduled holiday, giving birth two weeks early) and I had the perfect excuse to postpone the event. Instead, I decided to make fruit loaf in the breadmaker and beg MiL to bake cupcakes. Nothing else could go wrong…

Sign 5 – The day before the party, there was snow in the air and the forecast predicted temperatures barely above freezing.

On the morning of the party, family arrived at the same time as three apologetic emails (ranging from double-booking with kid’s birthday parties to flu). I cried and decided everyone hated me; there was probably a secret group on Facebook planning all of this; my Dad had probably set it up and my oven was a member – I swore that I would never have a party ever again!

Then I decided to stop being paranoid. A few people turned up and I actually got to speak to them properly rather than ‘mingling’. The fruit loaf was edible and there was plenty of wine. Maybe parties, even disastrous ones that clearly weren’t meant to  be, aren’t so bad. I wonder how soon I should send out invitations for that summer BBQ…?


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