You have been warned…

The Jam has chicken pox. More accurately, he is recovering from chicken pox and we should be able to rejoin the world tomorrow after a very long six days at home. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to have been very poorly or had much of a temperature, which is a relief for us as a fever does not combine well with his medication. (He’s only on a low dose of aspirin, but the reason it isn’t usually prescribed to children under 16 is that there seems to be a correlation in children between aspirin, viral fevers and Reyes Syndrome.) The poor little man is covered in spots and very bored at home, as am I!

Here’s our guide to the five worst things about chicken pox (even if you don’t feel unwell):

The spots – they’re unsightly and the Jam gets quite upset when we want to check them: “No see my spots Mummy!”

The itchiness – he’s actually been really good about scratching so I haven’t had to worry too much about infected spots, but they obviously bother him.

The lack of sleep – whether it’s the itchiness making him uncomfortable or the fact that when he isn’t playing he notices that he doesn’t feel 100%, none of us have slept well this week.

The cabin fever – both of us are desperate to get out of the house and see somebody other than DH (and my Dad on FaceTime).

peppapigThe Peppa Pig overdose – not an obvious symptom, but being stuck at home with a tired toddler results in limited entertainment options. I even found myself considering a blog post on Miss Rabbit as a feminist icon, but there’s already this


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