We made madeleines

Dad told me the other day that he really liked madeleines but you can’t buy them very easily, so I decided to make some. I thought this would be straightforward – little sponge cakes coated in jam and coconut – but it turned out that the humble madeleine is a symbol of the disparate Anglo/French attitudes to food.

Image from the BBC food website
Image from the BBC food website

These are French madeleines – delicate, lemony, shell-shaped sponges. Oddly, the only madeleine tins you can buy UK shops (or in Lakeland at least) are for these. If you want to make English madeleines – big and sticky with a cherry on top – you have to buy something called a dariole mould.

Anyway, we finally found the tins and the Jam and I commenced baking. It’s a very easy mixture – basically a sponge mix with coconut yogurt instead of milk and no raising agent. The Jam did all the pouring for the “yog-yog cake” and most of the mixing. Surprisingly they do still rise quite a bit in the oven and I had to trim the bottoms. Brush on some jam, roll in desiccated coconut and top with a cherry – lovely!

Proper English madeleines
Proper English madeleines

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