Christmas baking

mince piesHello world! I haven’t blogged for a while as we’ve been busy moving house – haven’t managed to send any Christmas cards either so I’m neglecting real friends as well as virtual ones. Apologies to all. In my defence, the move was exceptionally stressful as DH was in Hong Kong for work on the day, then delayed for 26 hours on the way home. I will post about it in full at some point, but I can’t quite bring myself to relive it yet…

xmascakeWe’ve now taken up residence at Dad’s for Christmas and I’m starting to feel more festive. I’ve wrapped presents while drinking some lovely Christmas tea, and spent most of the afternoon baking. The mince pies are based on Nigella’s recipe, but with bought pastry – I can’t do decent pastry – and the Jam made all the stars, with a little help from DH.

Over the last couple of years it has become a tradition that MiL makes an extra Christmas cake and I decorate it. Her fruit cake is lovely and I like doing the pretty bits so it’s a great arrangement. Last year I did classy white on white, but this year I decided the Jam would appreciate a splash of colour.



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