Preparing to move

IMG_1028We are moving house … on Friday … while DH is in Hong Kong.  It wasn’t meant to be that way – I’m not completely insane, though I might be by Saturday. We thought we’d be moving the following week, or even after Christmas but then our buyers gave notice on their flat and the current owners of our new place announced that they wouldn’t complete while they were on holiday. (To be fair to them, they’d mentioned the holiday earlier, but had then given the impression that it wouldn’t be a problem.) They refused to budge when the estate agent explained that you don’t need to be present to complete the sale; they refused to budge when their solicitor explained that after contracts have been exchanged there’s nothing to worry about and they refused to budge when they were told that I would have to move with a toddler and without my husband. C’est la vie.

IMG_1029The good news is that DH’s absence means we will be paying a removal company to do the packing. We initially decided to do the ‘easy’ stuff ourselves but after a few hours and little progress, we called them back and upgraded. (After everything our family has been through in the last few years, I firmly believe that any problem that can be solved by throwing money at it, assuming you have the money, isn’t really a problem. In this case the numbers worked out.) I also have Dad, MiL and FiL on the day and the day before so hopefully between us we’ll ensure the Jam doesn’t end up in a box! Even with a removal company booked, there seems to be an endless list of jobs and the house is already chaos. I’m going to grit my teeth and think about all the posts I’ll be writing about our lovely new house – roll on Saturday! Wish us luck…

One thought on “Preparing to move

  1. Moving house is horrid but worth the trauma I think. This time next week you’ll be in your beautiful new home and it’ll have been worth all the hassle. Xxx

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