Chocolate (and coffee) loaf

Looking good!

The Jam is still getting over his cold and spent this afternoon cuddled up with my Dad watching ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’, leaving me free to indulge in a bit of baking. I found a very easy recipe for a chocolate coffee loaf in my new(ish) Hummingbird Bakery book, so I thought I’d give it a try. Overall it was a success. I remembered what I learnt about silicone bakeware – you do need to grease the pan and leave it to cool completely – and it came out beautifully.

Light, rich and chocolatey

It rose more than I expected but it had a lovely texture. The only flaw is that I couldn’t really taste the coffee, though I’m not really surprised as the recipe only stated one tablespoon of brewed coffee. I’ll have to get DH to make some real espresso next time and use that! As it is, the Jam likes it too.

However, Dad’s determined to lose some weight before Christmas – he’s going to India next week, which could help or hinder the plan – and DH doesn’t do cake, so it looks like the girls at book group will be getting a treat. As we’ve read two dystopian novels, I think it might be a necessary mood-lifter!

What do you think?

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