From famine to feast

My suddenly very active social life continued last night as I offered to cook a birthday dinner for a very good friend. She’s had a tough year so I thought she deserved to be spoilt; her husband obviously thought so too as he bought her the beagle puppy she’s always wanted. Ralph the puppy joined us for dinner… The Jam was very excited at the prospect (“me see doggy”) but luckily Dad was around to keep him entertained while I was in the kitchen. If he hadn’t been here we probably would have all ended up with beans on toast!

As it turned out I think we did rather well:

Potage Parmentier with home-made bread rolls

Roast duck leg with puy lentils and chicory

Salted caramel chocolate tart

Dad made the leek and potato soup potage Parmentier and Sainsbury’s made the pastry but I managed the rest and we even squeezed in an hour at soft play (to tire the Jam out so that he’d have a nap and then be able to stay up later to play with Ralph). Pink bubbly and a pamper box (full of carefully chosen things I would have quite liked for myself) were the final touches. I believe that spending time on and with friends is more important than spending money on them. This friend has supported my family through some of our darkest days and this was a way to say thank you and I love you too.


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