Going out’s great…and coming home’s better!


My social life has been in overdrive for the last few days, which was a bit of a shock to the system. I spent the weekend singing, dancing, drinking, talking and dressing up at one of my oldest friend’s hen weekend. Being in our 30s, we’ve moved beyond the ‘humiliate the bride and/or give her alcohol poisoning’ stage and actually all had a great time. Highlights included recording our own version of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’, learning to make a French Martini and going out on the town dressed for a masquerade ball! However the best part was the chance to catch up with two old friends and make some new ones at the same time – the most memorable bonding activity was eating pizza in our PJs while showing off photos of our children.

Then I came home to my boys… The Jam had a brilliant weekend with DH, MiL and FiL. He missed me just enough to make me feel important but not so much that he was upset, asking “me see Mummy now?” but being satisfied with a phone call and a promise to “see soon”. I got a wonderful cuddle when I got home. It turned out DH missed me too so he took me out to dinner the night after I got back. More dressing up (thank you L K Bennett) and drinking, as well as an amazing view over London. (Lovely restaurant, he must have really missed me!)

Not my picture, but you get the idea…

Good friends, great family – lucky me.


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