Why we write (or read, or blog)

Just realised I spent almost two hours writing my last post. As I didn’t know very much about the book, author or genre, I had to really think about what I wanted to say. Brilliant! Part of the purpose of this blog is to ensure by mind doesn’t atrophy now I’m not working. Reading helps, but thinking, talking and writing about what I’m reading is even better. Blogging about books is very liberating as there’s no prescribed form or purpose – I can produce a somewhat subjective hybrid review / essay without being told that’s wrong and someone might even enjoy reading it, or learn something, or disagree completely and make me think again. Hang on, maybe that’s what Fahrenheit 451 was all about.
That said, I’m now off to bed with a cup of lovely herbal tea (from DH’s last trip to the US). All this thinking is exhausting…


What do you think?

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