Four days without a nap

I think that on the whole the new regime is a success. The Jam has been going to bed a little earlier and sleeping a little later in the morning, which is much better for us and also means he’s wide awake and cheerful in the mornings. I think he’s actually getting slightly more sleep overall, which is better for him. He is a very tired little man by bedtime, but I think that’s better (for everyone) than a huge battle in the middle of the day when he doesn’t want to take a nap. We had another difficult wake up last night but I’m hoping that will pass. (We cheated a bit as Dad’s here and the Jam loves ‘being roomies’ with his Grandad. It doesn’t seem to count as giving in if it’s not me or DH – Jam already knows that Dad is a big softie!)

What do you think?

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