Tea in china?

First cup and saucer – eBay bargain!

Maybe it’s my imagination or maybe it’s a completely genuine effect of the way the tastebuds are arranged on the tongue, but tea always tastes better from a china cup. I’ve not tested the theory with Tetley teabags, but I’m convinced it’s true for loose leaf tea. It’s a bit like all those different shaped glasses you can get for wine, but in more interesting colours.

This is particularly true if the cup is pretty, which probably undermines the tastebud argument slightly. Now I already own some very lovely Emma Bridgewater polka dot and pink heart crockery, which I love, but I’ve decided to invest in some proper cups, with saucers and everything. I think I’d like a ramshackle selection rather than a matching tea service so eBay and charity shops are the way forward. Maybe I could get plates for biscuits too…


What do you think?

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