Banana mini-muffins

Doesn’t look too difficult…

Recently, the Jam has been less and less keen to sleep in the day and as a result both naptime and bedtime have got later and later, so today we decided to try to get through without one. Going out wasn’t an option as he would have fallen asleep in the pushchair, so to keep him occupied this afternoon we made the banana muffins from Annabel Karmel’s Easy Peasy Cooking with Kids collection. The recipe looked easy and pretty healthy too (for muffins), as it used wholemeal flour, fresh fruit and only a small amount of brown sugar. Baking with the Jam is a messy business as he pours and mixes with great enthusiasm, but he really loves doing it and he’s starting to follow the whole process and realise that what he’s eating is the same thing he was stirring earlier. He looked terribly proud of his efforts!

There were meant to be more muffins with a slice of banana on top but somebody (not me) got peckish while we were putting them into the tin. The Jam had one after his dinner and proclaimed it to be “licious”. I’m eating mine as I type and I have to agree with him!

What do you think?

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