My immune system hates me!

It’s not fair – I have hayfever and eczema, which presumably means my immune system is overactive (or at least overenthusiastic), yet I still have a rotten cold! It’s very good at attacking completely innocuous substances like soap, destroying the skin on my hands in the process, so why does that same immune system let the cold virus throw a week long party in whatever bit of my head produces snot? Maybe it doesn’t hate me; maybe it just needs an IEP (or whatever we’re calling them this week) and some encouraging praise…


2 thoughts on “My immune system hates me!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve definitely noticed it’s worse when I’m stressed, so meditation makes sense. Cutting out refined carbs sounds like good advice too, but I think I’d struggle. Might try cutting down and switching to more wholegrain etc.

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