La Dolce Vita

Arrived yesterday afternoon after a surprisingly easy journey. The Jam was incredibly good, considering he was stuck in the car for about 6 hours; Dad and DH were pretty well-behaved too. MiL and Fil arrived an hour or so later – after a brief tour of the local area – with wine, crisps and biscuits, which kept us going until we bought a few basic supplies.

Now sitting in my PJs by the window with this view behind me. Had a cup of tea and waiting for Sainsburys to deliver our enormous shop so we can cook up a full English breakfast.

Contentment on this holiday is an interesting mix of enduring elements – natural beauty, family, sleep – and the wonders of modern technology – good wi-fi connection (for blogging or on-line shopping) and my Kindle, though I do have an old-fashioned paperback (last month’s book group novel) to finish first. The Jam loves having all three grandparents to terrorise and he’s already had his weetabix, well remembered DH! Can’t complain…


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